16mm contact printing workshop

16mm contact printing workshop
hosted by Stefanie Weberhofer

Saturday, September 16th and Sunday, September 17th 2023
1PM – 6PM

This workshop explains the various methods of printing film. Work with already existing film material (found footage or your own film) and print it with light onto fresh high-contrast 16mm Black-and-White Film. Use different light sources (flash light, smartphone,…) and different materials (films or objects), copy film, create rayograms and experiment with the many possibilities analog film offers you. We will also explore the possibilities to make filmprints with an editing table and an actual printer. In the end we edit the film and project it to to the screen.

The workshop is for beginners as well as for experienced filmmakers.
Workshop language can be german and english.

Day 1
Introdcution: Background, Theory, Examples
Practice: Printing film by hand in the darkroom + developing, experiments with different light sources, materials and fixation.
Happy End: Let film dry, view it on the light table or editing table, editing, projection

Day 2
Focus on printing with the Steenbeck and printing with the printer that filmkoop owns.

The required equipment, filmmaterial and chemicals will be provided by filmkoop.

workshop fee per day: 80€ (160€ for both days)
(30€/day for filmkoop members / 60€ for both days for filmkoop members)
You can choose if you want to participate on both days or only on day 1 or only on day2.
limited space, registration via steffi[at]filmkoopwien.at

Stefanie Weberhofer is an Austrian filmmaker and media artist fokussing on indepentend work with analog film. Her films have been presented on festivals and are distributed by sixpackfilm. She is a member of filmkoop wien






Supported by Stadt Wien and Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlichen Dienst und Sport.


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