Screening series filmkoop Vienna III/V.



filmkoop wien started a screening series and invites international artists and filmmakers to present their works at filmkoop wien. Each screening is curated by a different member.

For September’s screening filmkoop wien-member Stefanie Weberhofer invites Sonya Stefan from Montreal with the film program Hybridity and the Performative Hand-made: Montreal Independent Cinema:

Sonya Stefan presents current Montreal filmmakers and video creators who are exploring hybrid techniques and the hand-made. Each artist defines their own unique process, either by hands-on film/video manipulation or via performance-based techniques such as Hamish Fulton-esque walking trajectories shot along a man-made path leading to a lake. Experimental and animation works make up this program.
Monday, 12.09.2016, 7 pm
filmkoop wien
Wickenburggasse 15/3/1B, 1080 Wien

Program: Film & Videos

Mandi Morgan/Boreal
Working with paper cutout animation, Mandi Morgan creates a non-linear allegorical tale depicting the vulnerable tensions between wildlife and human destruction.

Alisi Telengut /Nutag-Homeland
Animation/Color/Stereo/2016/ 6 min

Oil pastel on one piece of paper, under-camera animation, frame by frame, shot on digital. A non-narrative hand-painted visual poem about diaspora, homeland, and the tragic mass-deportations of the Kalmyk people during WWII.

Guillaume Vallée/The Yellow Ghost
16mm to digital/color/Stereo/2014/3m30

Cameraless film created with found footage of a nightmarish dream.

Phillippe Leonard/[T]

Philippe Leonard shot the footage for this remarkable work at Times Square, in New York City, during the hours of artificial illumination. Partly for this reason, it is an oneiric diary, tempted by myth and, at the same time, suffused by a melancholy sense that myth has lost its magical power.

Guillaume Vallée/Le bulbe tragique
16mm to digital/Color/2016/6min                             

Ephemeral traces of nothingness – Rotoscoping farmers, crumbling churches, dying memories as hand-painted layers, decay & collage on film emulsion as incidental traces of nothingness. A work that is aware of his own mechanisms.

Sonya Stefan/Echo

Separated by four sections, this dance film embraces the unpolished aesthetic of contact-printed color film stock and various re-photographic techniques such as reversal color film stock, homemade filters and light manipulations.

Vitalyi Bulychev & Sonya Mladenova/Lapses of Attention
Super8 /B&W/2015/ 3min                                                                                     

This film was made for the One Take Super8 event; it was shot over the course of four hours. The film documents a meditation session. The participant, and co-director of the film, Sonya Mladenova recorded the audio afterwards in a hypnotic state, attempting to replicate the fleeting thoughts and impressions during her meditation.

Alexandre Larose/brouillard #14
35mm to digital/color/silent/2013/10min

a trajectory that extends from my family’s house into a lake, layered multiple times, in-camera