UNDERGROUND PULSES – expanded cinema by Elena Pardo

(Dieser Inhalt ist nur auf Englisch verfügbar)


An expanded cinema presentation by Elena Pardo
2022, 40 minutes, color and b&w, 3x 16mm projectors, live sound by Tahereh Nourani

Friday, May 12th
Doors: 8pm
Screening: 8:30pm

Pulsos Subterráneos / Underground Pulses is a subjective account of communities’ resistance to corporate mining and their defense of territory, life and culture. Calpulálpam, Ixtlán, San José del Progreso, San Pedro and San Pablo Ayutla in Oaxaca; Vetagrande, Salverna and Concepción del Oro in Zacatecas: these communities have very different experiences. For example, Calpulálpam has a long tradition of organized struggle that has allowed them to oppose the reopening of a mine that operated for more than 200 years. On the other hand, the community of Vetagrande, where mines have operated since the late 1500s, is now on the brink of collapse due to unprecedented large-scale mining activity. Why do some communities manage to resist the incursion of this and other extractive industries imposed by the Mexican authorities? What is at stake?
This project seeks to understand the struggle to protect the territory through the stories told by its inhabitants and the experiences evoked by its landscapes.

Elena Pardo is a maker, explorer, and promoter of the moving image. She has developed her practice around experimental cinema, combining the making of documentaries, expanded cinema, and animation. Pardo is also the co-founder of the Laboratorio Experimental de Cine (LEC), a space dedicated to the education and production of experimental and expanded cinema. She collaborates with independent film education projects like Campamento Audiovisual Itinerante (CAI) and JEQO, and is currently a member of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores grant.

Tahereh Nourani is a Vienna-based composer and sound artist, mainly focusing on electroacoustic and experimental music. With Free Improvisation, extended playing techniques, amplified objects, minimal live-electronics, and a very slow approach, she creates reduced, organic and archaic sound architectures, an arc stretched between ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Memory Response) and Noise.

Facebook-Event: https://facebook.com/events/s/pulsos-subterraneos-undergroun/754987936286790/
Die Veranstaltung ist Teil unseres Jahresprogramms und wird gefördert durch die Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien (MA7) und das BMKÖS.

Scheduled Performance Screening