in between places

filmkoop wien @fotogalerie wien


Filmkoop wien shows video and film works by its members.


Changed life circumstances through lockdowns and the introspection that goes with it make up a large part of the programme. A locked world creates incentives to explore other cinematic spaces, from associative to narrative, from music videos to documentary works.

With films by Gudrun Fürlinger, Masha Godovannaya, Christian Gold-Kurz, Işıl Karataş, Markus Maicher, Marina Rebhandl, Raphael Reichl, Florian Reidinger, Alina Tretinjak, Fabio Ufheil, Stefanie Weberhofer and the Between Us Collective.

Curated by Sarah Binder and Christian Gold-Kurz (duration: approx. 50 min.).
Währinger Strasse 59/WUK, 1090 Wien
Scheduled Screening