Update April 2022:
*** We moved *** Infos about the new space will come soon! ***


We work on 140 square meters, consisting of:

The Work Room
This is where we keep our 16mm & 35mm editing tables, the Crass animation table, a light table, a desk, our own little film shop and our collection of assorted film books.

The Dark Room
Fully equipped with tanks for developing Super 8, 16mm and 35mm film, a 16mm printing machine, a film rewinder, a photo enlarger and enough space for experiments.

The Microcinema/ Studio
Since 2015 we have a studio which can easily be transformed into a screening room. It contains a big screen, some comfortable cinema chairs, a sound system, projectors for (Super-) 8mm, 16mm, 35mm film, as well as a video projector.
If you want to use the room as a photo studio, the cinema seats can easily be removed, and there are several film/ photo lights (ARRI Daylight…), tripods, photo backgrounds, a work desk and a makeup mirror, among other things, at your disposal.

In addition we have a small coffee kitchen, a toilet, an anteroom and a cozy bar for your work breaks, or where you can let the day end on a pleasant note.

There are regular workshops, events and screenings taking place here. If you want to get notified about the current schedule, or if you want to create an event yourself, please mail to:
office[at], or sign up for the newsletter.