The filmkoop wien is a self-organized, grass-roots democratic association of independent filmmakers, who work mainly, but not only, with analogue film.

The membership at the filmkoop wien includes:
– access to all the rooms, including darkroom, workroom and screening room (studio)
– full access to our filmkoop
– equipment (cameras, projectors, editing tables, animation table…)
– the chance to buy film material at reduced prices in our shop
– the possibility to run events and screenings in the filmkoop wien screening room
– to take part in the filmkoop’s democratic decisions, regarding e.g. equipment purchase, screenings…
– the possibility to network and exchange specialized technical knowledge with other filmkoop members in meetings and workshops.

Membership fees:
The yearly membership fee is € 300,00 (if paid once a year).
You can also choose to pay in installments, which amounts to € 28,00 monthly.
We also offer short term, project-based memberships for € 50,00 a month.

A special half-year membership costs € 200,00.
Eligible are only students of the of Friedl Kubelka film school.

In any case we charge a handling fee of € 10,00.
A membership starts with the beginning of the month.



Active Members

Fabian Anger
Sarah Binder
Wilbirg Brainin-Donnenberg
Isabella Brunäcker
Binta Diallo
Moritz Ellmann
Piers Erbslöh
Nigel Gavus
Johannes Gerhart
Masha Godovannaya
Manuel Götz
Rosa John
K Kollmann
Christine Krammer
Milena Krobath
Christian Kurz
Markus Maicher
Theo Maier
Lydia Nsiah
Christiana Perschon
Magdalena Pfeifer
Doris Piller
Marina Rebhandl
Raphael Reichl
Viktoria Schmid
Paul Schön
Kora Schuster
Michel Strümpf
Lorenz Sutter
Guillermo Tellechea
Alina Tretinjak
Stefan Voglsinger
Stefanie Weberhofer
Judith Zdesar
Daniel Zirpel


Honorary Members

Josephine Ahnelt
Friedl vom Gröller
Rebecca Gross
Peter Miller
Adele Raczkövi
Werner Raczkövi
Viktor Schaider
Hubert Sielecki
Nadine Taschler