variations and fractions


filmkoop wien visiting Klubvizija, Zagreb

As part of the Klubvizija:Open Lab event from 24.-29. April, filmkoop wien will be showing a 45-minute film programme with diverse variations on the analogue filmmaking of its members.

Screening on April 26th, 20:00 @ „Pogon“, Zagreb

Filmkoop Trailer (2015), Stefanie Weberhofer, 0:30, double8 projected as 16mm,
Invocation (2016), Alina Tretinjak, 3:00, 16m
Metronom, (2019), Milena Wuketich, 02:40, 16mm
I’m not there (2017), Markus Maicher, 03:00, 16mm
Giant Steps (2022), Alina Tretinjak, 4:00, 16mm
Kopierwerk (2019) Stefanie Weberhofer, 7:00, digital (35mm)
Earth Water Motor II (2023), Markus Maicher and Cosma Grosser, 3:21, digital (16mm)
Wind (2019), Masha Godovannaya, 5:30, digital (16mm)
A text floating on a river (2021), Masha Godovannaya, 8:50, digital (16mm)
Farbversuchsprogramm (2023), Stefanie Weberhofer, 4:37, digital (35mm)

Scheduled Screening
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