16mm Workshop

Reversal Cinema Workshop II: 18 and 19 Nov. 2023
Workshop fee: 50€ for members, 150€ for non-members
In the “Reversal Cinema Workshop II” workshop, participants* will explore the editing process of B&W film reversal material. A joint workshop film will be shot on 16mm reversal material TriX and also developed together. In addition to the “classic” editing method, alternative ways of working with the reversal material will be explored, such as creating positive and negative images simultaneously.
“Reversal Cinema Workshop II” is led by Alina Tretinjak and is another workshop from the DarkRoomBasics workshop series, focused on the basics of cinematic work in the darkroom. The number of participants is limited.
Further info and registration: chemistry(at)filmkoopwien.at
Saturday 18.11., 11h -18h: Introduction, filming and developing together
Sunday 19.11., 12h -18h: film projection, further filming and independent film developmen
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