Workshop and Screening: “Collaborative Matters” with Karel Doing

Phytography Workshop with Karel Doing
Saturday 3.10., 11h-16h, 25€ (incl. materials)
Artist and filmmaker Karel Doing will give a workshop about phytography, a technique that makes it possible to render detailed chemical traces of plants directly on photographic emulsion. The process takes place in full daylight and makes use of biodegradable chemistry. During the workshop the artist will explain his technique, placing it in a historical lineage of experimental photography and film while also connecting it to ecological awareness. After this introduction, a hands-on demonstration is provided. Participants will be able to work on photographic paper, 16mm and 35mm film. The workshop will conclude with a projection of the 16mm film(s). All materials will be provided. No prior film or photography experience required.
To register, please write an e-mail to Due to the Covid-19 regulations, the workshop is limited to 10 participants. We will make sure to provide safe working conditions, masks are obligatory.
Screening: “Collaborative Matters”, Works of Karel Doing
Saturday 3.10., 20h, free donations
Karel Doing will present an overview of his work on 16mm film. The programme will cover more than 2 decades of filmmaking, highlighting a persistent DIY approach as well as relentless experimentation with material and form. An important aspect of Doing’s work is ‘collaboration’. Of course there is the well known collaborative synergy between image and music but Doing attempts to take this further into the realm of performance, cross-cultural exchange and biosemiotics. The programme will include a ‘phytographic’ work based on his self-invented technique and an expanded cinema piece with shadow projections and optical interference.
To register, please write an e-mail to We will make sure to provide a safe screening environment, masks are obligatory.
Scheduled Screening Workshop